Fly Playshop :: Arm Balance & Inversion Workshop!

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Join us for our Fly Playshop with Lee Schardein!!

Sunday, December 16th, 2-4pm. 

This 2 hour workshop will focus on arm balances or inversions including: bakasana (crow), variations of crow, astavrakasana (8 angle pose), eka pada galavasana (flying pigeon), and sirsasana (headstand). This session will allow you to do all the foundational work toward each pose, and then allow time for practice. This is an all levels workshop! If you are a beginner to arm balances, we will work on the foundations of alignment and use lots of props to allow you to feel safe taking flight. If you are more experienced with arm balances, take your practice to new levels, as we will work on variations and fun transitions.

This playshop will start with a Vinyasa flow to warm up and energize the body. This will also include movements to activate the the wrists and shoulders for both strength and flexibility, which allow for a safer arm balance/inversion practice. We will also practice a few drills that will build core strength. As we build heat and activate the body, the class will move the focus into posture with refined awareness and alignment, and then spend time developing techniques for practice at home! We will end with counter stretches to leave you feeling energized and empowered!

A little about the instructor: Lee has been teaching yoga for over three years, and is currently pursuing her 300 Yoga Teacher Training with Laughing Lotus in NYC. In September she completed a 50 hour “Fly” training with LLNYC which had a specific focus on teaching students the proper methods for safe arm balances and inversions. Lee was terrified of going upside down when she first started her practice, but it is now one of her favorite things to do! She loves helping students take flight in a safe and supportive atmosphere.