Full Moon Ceremony with Special Didgeridoo South Bath

$ 30.00

Saturday, December 22nd from 6.30- 9pm at The Inner Warrior.

This very special 2.5 hour experience will be guided, as always, by Sammy-Jo, with special guest Adam Riviere (read more about him below), who will be offering a didgeridoo sound bath immersion to take you all deeper into the transformative vibes of this final full moon of the year! 

The didgeridoo is an instrument crafted by Aboriginal Australians over 1500 years ago. To pay tribute to the tradition of the first peoples of Australia, $2 of every ticket sold to this event will be donated to ANTaR. ANTaR is an independent, Australian network of organisations and individuals working in support of Justice, Rights and Respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia. To find out more about ANTaR head to their website: https://antar.org.au/donate-antar

Guided by Sammy-Jo, this transformative yoga ceremony will combine intention setting, movement, breath, meditation, didgeridoo sound bath and a beautiful ritual relating to the specific full moon. We will use these methods to help harness the energy of the moon so that we can let go of the ugly stuff, allow for healing, open our hearts like never before, raise our vibration, and revel in all of our wonderfulness. Through a process of manifesting, letting go and diving deeply into the present moment, this magical experience will totally prepare us for the next season of our lives and allow us to reach our highest most awesome potential.

Who is this for: The soul seekers, yoga lovers, witchy pagan peeps, curious minded, open-hearted, movers and shakers, and anyone who simply needs a little treat for themselves. Only a small amount of yoga experience needed (direct message me if you're unsure!). But please do come with an open heart and open mind. (no children under 10 please.)

What to bring: A yoga mat. A pen. A smile. Comfy clothes. You can also bring your crystals to be cleansed and blankets and cushions if you want to make the experience super cozy!

Cancelation policy: Sometimes, sadly, you might need to cancel an experience with us and of course that's fine, we will miss you but we also understand that life happens! If life does happen, pretty please cancel with at least 24 hours prior to the start time of any workshop or event. If you cancel within the cancelation period we will give you a full refund, but if you cancel outside of that time we will not be able to offer any refunds or substitute workshops. We hope that you can understand and appreciate that this is all super important to us. Thank you for being a good sport.

About Adam Rivirie: Adam Riviere, world percussionist, audio engineer and composer boasts over 25 years of experience, 13 published albums and numerous collaborations. Riviere began playing the piano at the age of ten, which led to a love of percussion and throughout the years that followed, he studied more than 30 world instruments. His music sounds as unique as the instruments he plays. Styles he performs and infuses during his performances include Middle Eastern, African, Classical, Celtic, Electro-Acoustic, Latin/Afro-Cuban, Caribbean, Australian Aboriginal, Native American, and Electro Acoustic World Ambient Trance. Riviere’s love for culture and music can be heard in his performances, displaying how different cultures and mediums of music can make one great sound.

Riviere is well-known in the local community, throughout the state and regionally, as well as internationally for participating in mind, body and soul healing practices such as Aura Cleansing and Chakra Balancing, providing live music for yoga classes, leading drum circles, participating in kirtans and conducting workshops for beginner, intermediate and expert stages of African drumming, Latin/Afro-Cuban drumming, Middle Eastern drumming, didgeridoo and Native American Style Flute.

Riviere owns and operates Playground Productions Studio in Historic Irvington located on the East Washington area of Indianapolis welcoming all involved in the arts to record, rehearse, and present their works to all, and celebrating what Riviere promotes; keeping the music going.

Adam will have his CDs available for purchase on the evening so bring some cash money with you just in case!

What can you expect from Sammy-Jo: In her classes and workshops, Sammy-Jo tells stories with heartfelt honesty as she guides people through a journey to reprogram the negative thinking mind and peel back the layers of self-doubt so that they can recognize and celebrate the perfection and beauty within. She has a strong focus on mindfulness, the chakra system and pranic body, body positivity, connectedness and self-love. She strives to reach the perfect balance by incorporating aspects of Vinyasa, Kundalini, Hatha and Yin lineages with a blend of great tunes, beautiful poetry, story-telling and dance to provide the student/practitioner with a full spiritual (and hopefully life-changing) experience. Sammy-Jo aims to encourage and inspire everyone to find a deep sense of self-love, acceptance and true lasting happiness. She does not say G’Day or ride a kangaroo. Sorry. :)