Hands-on Workshop: Assists, Adjustments and Refinement

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The Art of Creating Space with Yogi J-Miles!!!
(Assists, Adjustments, and Refinement) 
Saturday, January 12th 4-6pm
Teaching yoga asana requires much more than the ability to call out postures or create sequences. It also requires one to be fully present, to be constantly paying attention, to be able to read body language, to set the intention and the mood, and to be able to survey the energy in the room. Teaching yoga insists that the instructor be inquisitive about the body and how it works, and how yoga asana translates into each body differently. Only then can the teacher help the student find their fullest expression of a pose, and began to find ways to help NOURISH a student’s practice, as well as guide them through it. 
This workshop aims to help yoga teachers:
- identify a students needs in the yoga class
- help students find more accessible pathways into posture
- learn to use props (if available) to aid students in practice 
- provide safe and empowering options, and how to leave space for a student to explore his or her own capacity and potential. 
- learn the three types of cues: Alignment, Refinement and Energetic
- practice physically assisting and adjusting each through partnering, and learn how assists can be less invasive and more suggestive 
This workshop is open to all teachers, those currently studying to become yoga teachers, and advanced students who are curious about the subtlety of practice. CEU’s available. 
For more information about our instructor, J-Miles visit www.mahavirarva.com