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Harvest Full Moon / Equinox Sound Journey

Sunday, September 19th | 7:15pm - 8:30pm e.s.t. (Doors open at 7pm) In-person at The Inner Warri...

Sunday, September 19th | 7:15pm - 8:30pm e.s.t. (Doors open at 7pm) In-person at The Inner Warrior (600 Distillery Commons, Suite 250, Louisville KY)  Space is limited. Rsvp now!

Gabriella Gaona and Thomas Orr Anderson will be teaming up this Sunday to provide a vibrational Sound Journey into the Autumn Equinox and Harvest Full Moon! Sounds will be influenced by the balancing energy of the Equinox and the water-like qualities of this Pieces Full Moon. 

Move through these powerful shifts & cycles with an intentional, soothing sound bath of various instruments, including but not limited to: crystal and Himalayan singing bowls, ceremonial drums, didjeridu, gongs and flutes!  During our time together you will be asked to attain a comfortable position while these sounds and vibrations from various ancient instruments wash over you...<333

Sound Journeys help facilitate...

✨centering, balancing 

✨rooting, grounding

✨profound relaxation

✨expanding spatial awareness

inspire creativity

✨relieving tensions, letting go

What is the Autumn Equinox? 

The Autumn Equinox is a powerful time of the year when the light of day and dark of night are perfectly balanced. It is also the turning point between the warm summer and the cool, crisp autumn. As we move into the ever shorter days... the increasing hours of darkness guide us into the dark mysteries within, where we can hear the subtle stirrings of our being and our own sacred truth. This natural balance point is an ideal time for us to slow down a bit and invite more stillness and introspection into our lives.

More about this moon...

A Harvest Full Moon marks a time of celebration and manifestation. Engaging in a creative or spiritual search will help us benefit from the Pisces moon’s powerful influence upon our imagination. 

A Moon in Pisces attunes us to a greater sensitivity and perceptiveness of our surroundings. Remaining grounded is essential in order to align with the energy of this Full Moon. 

What better way to experience this moment in time than with a vibrational sound journey! 

And as Full Moons also tend to spark revelations... bring a journal if you'd like.

Meet yourself where you are, however you are, without judgment. 

Join us as we move through these cycles with intention… immersed in sacred sound.

More details...

$37 investment ~ Discount is available for anyone who is currently struggling $ 💓 Just inquire at

Please wear a mask and comfortable clothing... option to bring a journal, pen and any props you like to use... such as a blanket, pillow or bolster. Anything that’ll make you extra comfortable!

Anyone feeling sick the night of the event, please just stay home! We will send you a full refund if you give us 2hr prior notice <3 


More about your hosts...

Thomas Orr Anderson, M.A. 

Thomas is a sound therapist, physicist, musician, author, acoustical researcher, teacher, athlete, Nature-Lover, and long-time student/teacher of Qi Gong. Throughout his lifetime, he has devotedly explored the magic of sound in countless domains, from university laboratories and medical facilities to indigenous dance ceremonies and ancient Maltese temples. For the last decade, he has been particularly devoted to teaching and exploring the physics of sound and vibration in the context of health and wellness. 

Thomas hosts a podcast series and a Facebook group, both named The Art & Science of Sound Healing, focussed upon nurturing clarity and honesty in the domains of sound therapy. His book titles include: Master Handbook of Sound Healing, The Book That Swallows Itself, and Accidental Vampires & the Real Wooden Stake (all available on Amazon). Thomas has also been the moderator of the Gong Summit, all three years, is the cofounder of School of Gong (, and Dig Deeper Sonic Academy ( 

Find out more about Thomas’ courses at

Gabriella Gaona

Gabriella Gaona is an artist, yogi, & co-creator. Born and raised in Louisville, KY, She is dedicated to sharing yoga with everyone in her community. Her yoga journey started at age 16. After going through some hard times, Gabriella found the path of yoga and the light that guided her to meet many teachers along the way.

At age 21, she met her 200hr Hatha-Raja YTT instructor, Martin Scott, in San Francisco, CA. This training completely changed her life and her view on yoga all-together. Martin had previously studied and got certified under Dharma Mittra, a master of modern yoga and student of Sri Swami Kailashananda, also known as Yogi Gupta.

Yogi Gupta was the third great yoga master to come to the United States to spread the teachings of the vedas. (The first was Swami Vivekananda in 1899, the second Paramahansa Yogananda in 1920.) He also established the first Hatha Yoga institution in the U.S. in NYC.

Gupta often said that Sri Dharma Mittra was doing his work for him in America. Gabriella believes that it was through this lineage/shakti that propelled her to create MYPATH Fest, a mindful yoga gathering in the hills of central KY, and expand The Inner Warrior to being the first donation-based yoga studio in Louisville, KY.

Gabriella lives for sharing her own experience & modern interpretation of this classical eight-limbed/Hatha-Raja yoga practice with others.


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