January Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse Ceremony

$ 30.00

Join us in celebration of the very first Full Moon of the decade-- which just so happens to also be a Lunar Eclipse! 

Saturday, Jan. 11th | 6:30-8:30pm guided by Gabriella Gaona

About this Moon: This Moon is in the watery sign of Cancer which means it will highly affect our emotional bodies and will allow our deep subconscious thoughts to surface. This gives us the opportunity to observe and release what is no longer serving us and aid us to embody our true Self and highest potential.

A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the moon passes through Earth's outer shadow, making the moon appear a smidge darker than usual. Subtly speaking there is an energy that comes with this January Moon that is going to have an effect on us all... It will help shift our collective consciousness into higher levels of awareness as it shines light on certain things in our lives, whether we are ready to see them or not. 

In short, this Full Moon coupled with the Lunar Eclipse is going to teach us the important lessons that we are meant to learn this new year... making it the most ideal time for an intentional yoga practice and self-reflection.

What to expect: During this two hour ceremony you will be offered some journaling prompts for inner reflection. You will also be guided through a series of yoga postures, gentle movement, breathwork & meditation. We will end the practice with deep relaxation accompanied by a vibrational sound bath of various forms. This ceremony is intended to be a way to invite in the energy of this powerful Full Moon Eclipse and bring our attention inward to explore the inner workings of our mind, body & spirit. 

Cost: We are asking $30 to attend, but we understand if you cannot afford this price. We will accept anything above $20 to attend this event. Just make sure to email us at theinnerwarriorlou@gmail.com to RSVP for the sliding scale option.

Make sure to wear comfortable clothing, bring your journal and perhaps your favorite crystals for a relaxing evening of intentional self-reflection!

~Om mani padme hum~