$ 25.00

Please join us as we celebrate the Scorpio full moon! We will gather online via Zoom to move and breathe and be together in ritual and ceremony!


The ceremony will last for 1.5 hours with the option to stay online afterwards for questions and discussion.


  • You will need to enroll in the full moon ceremony as you normally would, via the Inner Warrior website (click button below). Please make sure that you supply your email address.

  • Within the week prior to the ceremony we will send you an email with the link to join the online meeting. Please ensure that you check your junk mail- the email will be sent from Sammy-Jo.

  • Prior to the ceremony, please ensure that you make yourself familiar with Zoom, which is the online platform that we will be using for the ceremony.

  • Please ensure that you have good internet connection in order to participate in the ceremony.

  • Please also ensure that you join the ceremony on time as you will need to be admitted into the event and Sammy-Jo won’t be able to do that mid meditation. Thank you for understanding.

What to expect:

  • Opening meditation, calling in of certain energies, casting of our collective circle, and protection against unwanted energy

  • A short talk by Sammy-Jo about the theme of the full moon

  • Intention setting through guided journaling prompts

  • Breathwork, and kriya and/or gentle yoga practice

  • Relaxation

  • Meditation to close

What you will need:

  • Space to practice

  • Blankets and cushions to make yourself comfortable

  • Internet connection

  • Pen and paper for intention setting and journaling

  • You will also need to ensure that you check your email in the week leading up to the live online ceremony as login instructions will be sent via email.

All are welcome: This is for all people around the world! Please join us! 

Cancelation policy: Because this is an online event and all materials will be emailed to you, there is a strictly no refund or cancelation policy. Thank you so much for your understanding.

Cover image by Christoffer Engström