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Sacred Creative Sessions: Embodying the Elements

Join Jenny Bell for this first in a series of Sacred Creative Sessions! Sunday, January 23rd (...
Join Jenny Bell for this first in a series of Sacred Creative Sessions!

Sunday, January 23rd (1-3pm) at The Inner Warrior Studio
This play-shop springs forth at the intersection of spirituality + creativity.... Where contemplative practices feed, nourish and shape our creative life.
This gathering will include: Meditation + Mantra + Calligraphy.
Embodying the Elements is a resourceful immersion into your own elemental healing. Air. Earth. Water. Fire. To invoke, embody and balance these elements within.
What to expect...
~ You will be guided through meditation on each element to remove perceived blockages.
~ We will calligraph the alchemical symbols for the four elements in India ink.
~ We will then write correlating mind training affirmations or affirm-mantras in meditative calligraphy  that correlate with invoking + balancing each element.
~ Each person will take home 8 pieces of keepsake art.
Art that comes from the heart and speaks to the heart.
Made by you!
More about these Sacred Creative Sessions...
Art forms a bridge between the everyday mundane and our curiosity, wonder, joy and playful self expression. The energy around what fulfills and inspires you creatively is similar to the energy you feel when you meditate or pray. All concepts of time and space are lost, connection to something greater is found. Inter-connection to life flowing through you!

Come join us on the contemplative path to playful joy through art, discover new iterations of your creative destiny!
Come Create Sacred!
More details...
~No previous experience required in any of the modalities!
~Materials are included in price!
~Please wear comfortable clothing, suitable for sitting + meditating + creating art
(wink wink: you might get inky so you may wear black)


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