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Sound Bath Journey with Austin Shook

Tuesday, May 30th | 3:30-5:00pm at The Inner Warrior  with Austin Shook This experience will beg...

Tuesday, May 30th | 3:30-5:00pm at The Inner Warrior 

with Austin Shook

This experience will begin with a gentle guided meditation and simple breathwork exercises, preparing you to transition into being bathed in sounds for the remainder of class. In the sound bath portion of this experience, Austin will be using an array of musical instruments from ancient cultures to create a space of deep peace. With these instruments, he will be holding space for each of you to connect with aspects of yourselves that often get foggy through our daily routines. You may experience deep relaxing states that can promote awareness of yourself beyond the body or emotions that can lead you to the essence of your being, as well as a release from negative patterns. Austin will create a container that encourages you to open, let go, and experience your inner being in a way that you may never have before. Come enjoy this 90 minute sound healing. You will be bathed in the vibrations from 14 different instruments (24 instruments altogether) including 10 crystal singing bowls, a gong, native american flutes, didgeridoo, handpan, guzheng, harmonium, drums, large tuning fork, vocals, and more!

More about Austin…

Austin is a traveling sound healer based in Charlotte, NC. He has been practicing with this modality for close to a decade and has shared sound healing in over 30 states! He passionately enjoys traveling and connecting with the countless communities around the country that receive him. 

In addition to his sound healing, Austin is also an event organizer and plans large scale events to encourage healing, presence, inspiration, smiles, and an open heart!

He is passionate about helping others find inner peace and balance through the healing power of sound, energy, presence, and love!

You can learn more about Austin Shook on his website,, or follow him on social media for updates on his upcoming events and performances. 


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