T H E  I N N E R  W A R R I O R
Y O G A  &  B O U T I Q U E 

O F F E R I N G :
E C O - F R I E N D L Y  
Y O G A  A P P A R E L ,  
A C C E S S O R I E S  
&  E S S E N T I A L S  F O R  
A L L  S H A P E S  A N D  S I Z E S . 
D O N A T I O N - B A S E D  
Y O G A  C L A S S E S  
F O R   T H E  C O M M U N I T Y  
S U P P O R T E D  B Y  T H E  
C O M M U N I T Y . 
To make Yoga accessible for everyone. We strive to create a "feel good" space for our growing and evolving community. We believe everyone should have the chance to practice Yoga freely, with no worries or judgment.
We also make it our mission to provide Louisville with a wide variety of unique, expressive & eco-concious clothing. Hoping to provide everyone the ability to look and feel good during their practice.

We are a small, heart-based business, locally owned and operated by mother/daughter, Sabine and Gabriella Gaona. 
(Starting June 1st) We will be offering FREE/Donation-based Yoga 7 days a week! 
In addition we will offer:
  • Pop-up events focusing on several different styles of Yoga
  • Weekly Meditation Workshops
  • Other Workshops, Gatherings, Guest Speakers and Discussions
  • Growth, Healing, Transformation, ...and more!

Since opening in 2014 on Frankfort ave, Louisville KY, The Inner Warrior moved its’ clothing racks aside and offered over 300 free/donation-based Yoga classes, each class filled to capacity and with a waiting list. Space was limited at this location, thus they decided to transition to a larger space hoping to provide more classes without having to turn anyone away! The Frankfort Avenue location was a huge catalyst for the growth of the Yoga community as well as donation-based Yoga in the city of Louisville.
The Inner Warrior has also offered over 100 different free/donation-based community events such as Meditations, AcroYoga Workshops, Sound Healing, Guest Speakers, and Gatherings involving Live Music, Art and Poetry. They have realized that fostering such community and connection is an important need at this time!

They’ve also been very involved in our community in other ways, such as their KARMA DRIVE, where a portion of their proceeds have helped different local non-profit organizations. They’ve hosted multiple Fundraisers, as well as co-organize MYPATH Fest, a bi-annual Yoga event with the intention of sharing and celebrating the many ways of Yoga.


Shop Hours:
Closed; Opening in June 2018. 
600 Distillery Commons, Suite 250, Louisville KY.