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Shop Hours:
The Inner Warrior is open for shopping 30 mins before & after our donation-based yoga classes everyday, see full schedule here!
You can also shop by appt by calling or texting (502) 930-9501.
600 Distillery Commons, Suite 250, Louisville KY. 
(502) 930-9501


The Inner Warrior Yoga Boutique was located on Frankfort Avenue from (2014-2018). At this location we were primarily a yoga boutique but offered yoga classes 2x a week (with rotating instructors from all around town). We moved our clothing racks aside and had over 300 donation-based Yoga classes. In the beginning classes were small, but we were consistent and before we knew it the classes were bigger than we had ever expected... Each class filled to capacity and with a waiting list! It was then clear that fostering community and connection was needed and wanted at this time. In addition to the yoga, we offered over 100 other donation-based events such as meditations, acro-yoga workshops, sound healing, guest speakers, and gatherings involving live music, art and poetry!

During our time there we were also involved in our community in other ways such as the KARMA DRIVE. Weused a portion of our proceeds to help several (local) non-profit organizations in some “hands on” way... and in 2016, co-founded MYPATH Fest, a bi-annual Yoga event with the intention of celebrating community & sharing the many ways of Yoga.

It has been a dream of ours to offer a wide variety of donation-based yoga classes to the people and we are so happy to do it.  Now located at Distillery Commons, we went from fitting 25 yogis per class to 50 bodies.

The Frankfort Avenue location was a huge catalyst for the expansion of the The Inner Warrior, as well as donation-based yoga in the city of Louisville. Moving our heart & soul to a new location and expanding our donation based yoga program took a lot of courage knowing that we will be dependant on people's willingness to give back.
100% of the donations go directly to providing the yoga classes.
We believe in Louisville, city of compassion, and know that together we can do anything we set our hearts to... for the growth & healing of our world at large. 

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