Weekly Class Schedule...

We offer donation-based yoga classes with certified instructors.
Our goal is to make yoga more accessible for everyone. We strive to offer a safe, un-intimidating space where one can practice yoga with no worries or judgment.
If you would like a suggestion for a drop in class, a $5-$10 donation is sustainable.
If you'd like a suggestion for a continuous practitioner, a monthly donation of $50-$100 is sustainable.
Hi friends ❤️✨ Right now, time is of the essence and as a result of the rapidly evolving situation with Covid-19 and the recent National state of emergency, we have made the difficult decision to temporarily cancel all classes at the studio in sync with other closures around town, hoping to maximize the effectiveness and to slow down the spread of this virus. 

This decision was not made lightly! We decided to do this out of great love for our community and a responsibility for the public health and well-being of those most vulnerable. Please don't be alarmed— we are not trying to spread fear, we are only taking precautions recommended from officials and believe this is the socially responsible thing to do. 

This decision was made with heavy hearts because we know that this is a time when we need these yoga practices the most and we care for you all so very deeply. During this time we will be streaming some of our yoga classes live on Facebook & Instagram. We are currently working on a new schedule for these live classes, so be on the lookout! This way you can continue your practice, release what's no longer serving you... bringing you back to your center and true nature of peace and happiness from the security of your home.

Classes are "Pay what you can" <3.

Cant make it live? Watch it later here!

We'll provide updates via email and social media as this situation unfolds. Know this is only temporary and please visit our social media pages for our live-streams and to support our efforts with any online donations. We hope this decision will help things get back to normal more quickly and encourage others to follow suit. 

This community is SO strong, compassionate, and loving... We know we will get through these strange, hard times together.

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Frequently asked questions:
Do I need to sign up? No need to sign up, just show up! Classes are first come first serve. You may sign in at the front desk once you arrive.
Can a beginner attend? Beginners are more than welcome, they're encouraged! These classes are for all levels of practice.
Your yoga practice is your own, everything our instructors say is just an offering for you. You do not need to do anything you don't want to. Just remember to honor your body & to always have fun!
What does “donation-based” mean? We are a 100% community funded & supported yoga space. We offer free yoga classes accepting any donations. We rely on all our donations to provide the space & services for the yoga classes. Every little bit counts! You can bring cash for our Karma Jar upon arrival, or ahead of time HERE.
What does “rotation” mean? We rotate certified yoga instructors from all over town. Each instructor has their unique way of teaching, so style of classes may vary from week to week.
Where is the class? The Inner Warrior Yoga & Boutique: 600 Distillery Commons, Suite 250. (Above Weightless Float Center)
What to bring? Yoga mat & a reusable water bottle. (If you don't own a yoga mat, we have a limited supply of extra ones, as well as some for purchase!)
We make sure our classes are good for all levels of practice & encourage beginners to come! We know that everyone is different & unique, so we strive to offer many different Yoga practices incorporating body, mind and spirit. Please feel free to ask us which classes may be good for you!
If you have any questions feel free to email us at theinnerwarriorlou@gmail.com

Sincerely with open arms,