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Shiva Strap Class

Shiva Strap Class


Want to learn how to Shiva Strap? 

Join us for an all levels Yoga class lead by Chris O'Bryan and Gabriella Gaona. Learn how the Shiva Strap can not only help you find a deeper stretch & more strength, but also alignment in many of your yoga postures!

We certainly won't be able to show you everything you can do with this multifunctional prop during this class, but our goal is that you leave with a better understanding on how to use and flow with your Shiva Strap.

For more, check out our website:

**The Shiva Strap is for all levels of practice.

If you plan to come, please bring your strap if you've purchased yours. We have a small handful of straps available to use.

We hope to see you there!

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