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"I'm vegan mom!"

My daughter decided to become vegan today.  The 11th time this year.  Although I think this time it will last a while longer than the others which incidentally lasted anywhere from 1 hour to 5 days.  No cheese on our pasta tonight. No butter on our bread. Thank god wine is vegan. I needed a few gulps while she was telling me how the oceans will be quite possibly dead by the year 2048 and for every gallon of milk 1000 gallons of water is required...55% of water in the US is used for animal agriculture..and 65% of global warming is due to these farms..and so many people around the world already have no clean drinking water... an entire football field of rainforests are being cut down every second for cattle fields.

I think I just wanted to give up and cry but instead I poured another glass of wine and started this blog. The whole time thinking about the wonderful plum pie I made last night and wondering who is going to eat it because it is topped with strudel..and by strudel I mean lots of butter mixed in the oats and sugar. Butter that I cannot possibly eat because when my daughter becomes vegan so do I. 


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