Karma Drive

Uplands PEAK Sanctuary Posted on 18 Nov 16:06 , 0 comments

Because of your support we were so happy to be able to give this awesome rescue sanctuary a $250 gift card to help care for the animals through the winter. We were also able to keep two of their goats (Benny & Greta) warm through the winter!

(Greta in her flower power jacket.)


(Gabriella with one of their rescued pigs named Erica.)

For more information & how to help Upland PEAK Sanctuary visit: http://uplandspeaksanctuary.org


The Inner Warrior

Upland PEAK Animal Sanctuary Posted on 16 Sep 18:00 , 0 comments

We are SO excited to announce our next Karma Drive dedicated to Uplands PEAK Sanctuary.. Indiana's first farm animal sanctuary!
Our ‪Karma‬ Drive goals are to buy their goats (Benny and Greta) a coat for the winter. Also a bunch of hay & straw for warm tummies & comfy beds for all the rescued animals!! ‪Be the change‬ and help support Uplands PEAK Sanctuary with each purchase you make at ‪#‎TheInnerWarrior‬!! ॐ

Clothing and Yoga Blocks raised for Home of the Innocents Posted on 15 Sep 15:27 , 0 comments

We were able to raise 32 pairs of underwear, 30 pairs of sox, 9 bras & 11 yoga blocks for the kids over at Home of the Innocents!! Thanks to our donation yoga class lead by Nikki Naseef from Barre3 on frankfort ave, we were able to donate the extra yoga blocks for the yoga classes they offer for the kids!!! Yay! Thanks everyone for all the support! 

Home of the Innocents Posted on 15 Aug 16:00 , 0 comments

The new moon cycle is here and it's time to start our next #KarmaDrive. With each purchase starting today, we will giving back to our neighbors at Home of the Innocents!! With every purchase this drive, you will be able to choose an item that you'd like to donate to a local child in need... Socks, underwear, or t-shirt!➶ 

Youth Build Louisville Event Posted on 8 Jul 17:00 , 0 comments

Had so much fun practicing yoga and juicing at YouthBuild Louisville today for our #KarmaDrive!!! Thanks to all that supported us this moon cycle to fund this event. A special thanks to Cameron & Cathy at Juice for coming out to help demonstrate healthy living with us! 

Youth Build Louisville Karma Drive Posted on 24 Jun 15:00 , 0 comments

This moon cycle's #KarmaDrive is dedicated to YouthBuild Louisville. Together with Juice Louisville, we will share with the students values of a garden as a life-giving source for healthy living! We will have a "garden to jar" juicing demonstration and tasting.. Then, what completes a morning of healthy living better than a #yoga class under the sun on their very own "Green Campus"! For every purchase made this moon cycle, a percentage will go towards making this event happen.. Educating our youth on the beauty and value of nature. 

140 Meals raised for local hungry pups! Posted on 16 Jun 14:59 , 0 comments

With help from our friends at Barkstown Road Pet Store and everyone who supported this moon cycles' #KarmaDrive, we were able to raise 140 meals (aka a weeks worth of food for 20 dogs) via Saving Sunny, Inc.'s Community Dog Resource Center!! Thanks everyone who supported us, you don't understand how happy this makes us!! Stay tuned for info about out next endeavor.

70 plants raised for Food Literacy Project! Posted on 18 May 18:21 , 0 comments

Yesterday marked the end of this moon cycle. Thanks to The Inner Warrior supporters, The Food literacy Project will be receiving 30 strawberry plants, 20 tomato and 20 cucumber plants for their learning gardens at Oxmoor Farm!!! Can't wait to get out there and get our hands in the soil.. Love this Louisville Community!


Karma Drive Launch w/ Food Lit. Project Posted on 20 Apr 18:13 , 0 comments

The Inner Warrior is proud to announce the launch of our Karma Drive. We will be giving back to a different local organization every moon cycle! Today we begin with The Food Literacy Project in celebration of EARTH DAY!! For every purchase made until the next new moon (May 18th) we will purchase a vegetable/fruit plant of your choice and deliver it personally at the end of the drive. For more information about The Food Literacy Project go to foodliteracyproject.org.